Friday, 25 May 2007


Whats going on this week.

Jerry Porter's favourite corner has been full of praise for the best in the business - himself.Chump Bailey and his new partner Dre Bly are the best, because Chump says so. Now there is no point in saying that they are shit, they obviously are'nt, they do play for orange wearing, uniform changing donkey shit though, but someone has to.

Last year these two put up the following numbers between them.

13 Int. 0 Sacks 26 PD 119 T.

Not bad lads take a bow, pat each others backsides and stuff.Meanwhile over in Oakland on a 2-14 team Nnamdi Asomugha and Fabian Washington put up the these numbers.

12 Int. 1 Sack 22 PD 87 T.

These guys have 6 years in the NFL between them as opposed to the combined 18 years of the official (because they say so) best CB tandem in the league.Mr Bailey Sir, and Mr Bly Sir, be afraid be very afraid, oh and Jerry will be back to say Hi this year.

Sports Illustrated have interrupted their latest babe photoshoot to show us some pictures of football's coolest landmarks.The Black Hole comes in at #4, not bad I thought, I was intrigued as to what could be in the top three.Dawg Pound at #3, fair enough those guys can get a bit rowdy, at #2 I had to make sure that last nights Guinness had worn off.Raymond James' Buccaneer Cove.Not only does it sound like a shit theme park attraction, it looks like one.The cannons aboard this intimidating skull encrusted beast fire confetti after a TD.Anything more than confetti would induce serial heart attacks among the crowd of recent retiree's and holidaymakers!

The Bucs presumably got rid of the horrific original uniforms and slightly camp looking helmet logo as part of a new era where they could be taken seriuosly, in which case don't stick a kiddies ride in the endzone.Come on SI, stick to giving us pictures like this .

Now I know why Warriors fans like basketball.

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