Saturday, 12 May 2007


This is ATSABP's slightly skewed look at what is affecting our OAKLAND RAIDERS this week, and you don't get much more skewed vision than our favourite (not really) ex-coach.

The RAIDERS are in the hunt for a new personnel exec following the disappearence of the invisible man (?) Mike Lombardi.Among all the names being mentioned as a successor, nowhere so far is the name of a man born in San Leandro, whose dad was a RAIDER, grew up around the RAIDERS, and helped his dad out in the film room when he finished playing and joined the scouting dept.Stand up Scot McCloughan, vice president of player personnel at the Whiners.He must feel physically ill every morning walking into that office secretly wearing his silver and black socks and boxers.Come on Al put him out of his misery, and at the same time crap on the 49ers lawn.You know it makes sense.

The RAIDERS O-line are happy with the new coaching scheme apparentley, Jake Grove remarked about last year " There were alot of things that were'nt explained " , such as how to run block, pass block and stop people jumping on your Quarterback.

Warren Sapp has lost anywhere from thirty four to forty nine pounds depending on which report you read.The recent mini-camp pictures confirmed that he had'nt had a leg removed as earlier thought."He looks funny does'nt he " said the only person who would likely get away with it, the mean bastard himself Derrick Burgess.

The Chargers recently unveiled their 2007 uniform, Oh dear.I would'nt like to say " you look a tool " to Lorenzo Neal's face, and luckily I don't have to.Lorenzo you look a tool.

Apparantley, Denver is short of heroes.Jesus it must be if the best candidate they have is Jay Cutlet.Horsey heroes are hard to come by, Mr Ed, Silver, and Seabiscuit spring to mind.My daughters have a horse, and most of the time they stink.

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