Thursday, 26 July 2007


It is time to wave some people off this week.And to welcome some others.

Firstly to Adam Treu.A RAIDER for 10 years has been released, a guy who has been the long snapper, special teams performer , and lineman over the years.He was indeed a treu RAIDER, with a massive head, who did what was required of him, such as stepping into the (slightly mental) shoes of Barrett Robbins for SBXXXVII, and was an important part of the kicking game, which messrs Seabass and Lechler will surely miss.We say good luck Adam and cheers.

One of my favourite old school RAIDERS was Lyle Alzado, and he was smacked up to the tits on roids, although they were'nt banned back then.So its hard to be really critical of Jarrod Cooper in one sense, who was released this week after picking up a four game ban due to steroid abuse, but he knew the rules and knew the possible consequences.It's a great pity beacause Coop was well liked amongst the Nation, mainly due to him giving it 100% on the field and being one of the more accesssible RAIDERS out in the community.Unfortunately in the new RAIDER system a special-teams specialist who is missing for 4 games is expendable, especially as we have Frampton and Kacyvenski around now.I can't help wishing him well though.

Darnell Bing was waived also this week, which was maybe a surprise before camp, as the third LB spot is not fully nailed down by Sam Williams as yet.Bing had a RAIDER-like reputation coming out of USC and he looked like a guy that could compete.Maybe the injury he picked up in his first camp was too much to fully come back from, or the coaching staff see him as a bit of a tweener, neither S nor LB.There is the possibility of a history with Kiffin from the Trojans days too.

And as we wave these guys off at the station, we greet the latest RAIDER, and we all like a bit of Bush.Well maybe not the fake Texan Neo-Con puppet type, but definitely the Louisville Micheal version.In fact when I think of the possibility of Micheal Bush being anything like the player he was pre-injury, there are visions of putting Lamont Jordan on next years outbound train from Raiderville, complete with wet paper bag for him to try to fight his way out of.After the news of Rhodes' suspension a Bush that can get onto the field this year would be a bonus, although caution may see him cameo this year.

Also some murmerings ahead of camp that Jamarcus Russell is close to agreeing his contract, probably in time to sign at the start of camp.That would really piss off the usual Raider nay-sayers in the media who were getting slightly moist at the thought of a hold-out.

Oh and Nancy Gay has deciced its time for completely un-founded shite time.Information from "Raiders sources" says our Nance, are foretelling doom for anyone who dares be older than, or around the age of our HC.You would think that Lane Kiffin would be better organised, I mean its not hard to look up Donovin Darius' age is it.Nancy, pre-season report card : Must Do Better.


Every now and then in a team, you will get the meeting of kindred spirits, if you're really lucky this will happen at the start of a career rather than at the end of it.
We in the nation should be ready to enjoy the future of a couple of guys who have recently been talking about their relationship.The tackling machines that are Kirk Morrison and Thomas Howard regard themselves as brothers on and off the field.Morrison took the rookie Howard under his wing at camp and the two have had each others backs since.They study film together, they hang out together, and more importantly for us as fans they play hard together with a great sense of friendly competition.Morrison is fast becoming recognised, despite his youth, as a leader in the lockeroom, and Rob Ryans trusted guy on the field.Together No's 52 and 53 will be the heart of the Oakland Raiders, hopefully for some time to come.
As RAIDERS fans we would have loved Morrison anyway, he's a RAIDER by birth, but it would have been hard to predict the class that he has shown as a player and man in such a short time.In a time where certain players in the NFL are letting themselves and the sport down, he should be rightly held up as a role model.
Thomas Howard has already done that and can only improve along with his brother.And it was noticeable to see the change in 53 during last year, from the quiet rookie to his elders ever emerging sidekick.
And add to this mix the quality of Asomugha, Huff, and Washington, the future looks just fine.But the beating heart of this whole thing is THE BROTHERHOOD.If there is any justice in the world they will be holidaying in Hawaii next year.
RAIDER IMAGE please have the authentic No. 52 jersey at the ready, in small english bloke size.

Friday, 13 July 2007


Welcome to a couple of new RAIDERS this week.Isaiah Kacyvenski and Donovin Darius.One thing is clear this year people, the RAIDERS are going to hit, and they are going to hit hard.

Double D has a reputation as a hitter, who can step up and meet a RB, and as a dedicated trainer who should be a positive guy to have around the team, plus the RAIDERS sent Willie Brown and Jack Tatum to meet him at the airport with Jack proclaiming "We don't do this for everyone".Kacyvenski was described somewhere as locker-room gold.A LB by trade, in fact the best LB to ever come out of Harvard, ok so its not exactly Ohio State or anything but he's coming in as a special teams guy who has earned his reputation as a bit of a maniac, with a background of a tough upbringing that was overcome to attend Harvard.I get the feeling that its going to be fun to watch the RAIDERS again this year, especially when DD decides to re-create the "hook" as perfected by messrs. Tatum and Atkinson, hang on to your helmets AFC West.

MSNBC made a bold statement this week, apparentley the Chargers should class anything other than a Superbowl win a disappointment, and anything other than a Superbowl appearance as a failure.No pressure then.Just when you need everything to come together, for all the pieces to fall into place, you hand the reins to Norv Turner, oops.

There was a great piece on The Raiders Report this week concerning the rivalries with everyone we hate, from AFC West to the Whiners and Steelers and Patsies.I would have also liked a special piece on my personal favourite man to hate, the horses head himself, John Elway.I hate his stupid face with too many teeth for one man to own, I hate his knees, I hate his number, I hate the fact that he used to beat us alot, I loved the sight of him disappearing under a bench after a RAIDER had hit him late-ish and sent him out of bounds like a missile - brilliant.I hate his AFL team.I HATE JOHN ELWAY, there, I feel better now.