Saturday, 21 June 2008


Good to see Monte Poole setting some more un-chartered journalistic standards with an insightful piece in the Trib.I think it was supposed to be about Javon Walker's recent incident in Las Vegas and how this related to his standing on the RAIDERS roster, I say I think because although titled NEW RAIDER WALKER FAILS AS A LEADER , there isn't actually any reference to Javon Walker in there.
"And, tying all that together, leadership. The Raiders have a hole there, and it might be big enough to deflate the hope floated by their extravagant offseason overhaul" explains Monte.
Of course leadership in a team game is extremely important, but I would question Mr Pool's apparent inclusion ( going off the title of his piece ) of Javon Walker in this as well as a general hole across the Raiders roster.
Since JaMarcus Russell's off season workout in Alameda, coming through into OTA's and Mini-Camps, the RAIDERS HC, and various teamates and reporters have remarked on the QB's leadership qualities starting to show themselves, and in fact players looking to him for some leadership, despite his in-experience out on the field.Having a second year franchise QB who is already being spoken of as a leader is quite a good thing, wouldn't you say Mr Poole?
Justin Fargas has already made a point of taking on some veteran leadership this year, and from a player who runs as though every play is his last, that can only be a plus for the RAIDERS.
On the defensive side of the ball we have Kirk Morrison who had already become a leader before Warren Sapp retired, now he is top dog .But add to that his sidekick Howard, the swagger of DeAngelo Hall and Nnamdi Asomugha, and the addition of vets like Spires and Edwards and it seems that there is plenty of opportunity for team leaders to assume that role, if they haven't already.
As far as Javon Walker goes in all this.I accept that he is a vet receiver and was expected to be No.1, but surely Ron Curry is as likely to be a leader in that receiving corps?Plus, if it turns out that Walker was in fact a victim of crime in Vegas, would this exclude him from becoming that type of player in Oakland?Mr Poole?
The leaders on the current RAIDERS team will do their job this season, and if I'm right with who I have suggested to be filling those roles, then that gives us a good three on Offense and three or four on Defense.I'm not sure how many leaders you would need on a team at any one time but that sounds like a start to me.Mr Poole?