Tuesday, 23 December 2008



We've had some bloody miserable weekends once again this year RAIDER NATION.So it was a pleasant change on Sunday to see a fourth win, it doesn't excuse some of the other things that have gone on and it doesn't make the bogeyman go away but the OAKLAND RAIDERS played with some swagger whilst resembling a real life NFL team, following a three week hiatus from that distinction since the win over Denver.
We used McFadden effectively, Johnnie Lee Higgins seems set to be a star, our QB looked poised and made some nice throws down the field to a young set of receivers who looked to be revelling in the responsibility, it helped that the offensive line boosted by Mario Henderson's performance at LT gave Russell time and the Defense knocked some people around and made some plays.Both teams had little to play for other than pride, but the RAIDERS did just that, and it begged the question as to whether these players' are simply trying to salvage that pride personally or are still playing hard for Tom Cable.
If, and it is a big if, the RAIDERS can get a win against the fakey brakey pirates in Tampa next week, Cable's record as interim coach will be 4-8.Not brilliant.No not brilliant, and there have been some real pastings taken in those eight losses.But when you look at who the losses were against, there are four 10-5 teams, one 11-4 team, and an 8-7 saints team that is tough in the Superdome.Eight of the teams played under Cable are already going to the playoffs or still have a chance to, and we beat two of them.Once the season was underway, the schedule that was supposed to look a little kinder to this years RAIDERS suddenly didn't, especially on the road in N.O., Baltimore, Miami, Denver, San Diego, and Tampa.What I am trying to get around to saying is that I think that Tom Cable, in fact any incoming Head Coach interim or otherwise had a hard time getting a winning record from those games.
There have been some glaring errors along the way, but I think he has done what he can to keep the team together under difficult circumstances.There is of course that imminent fixture in the land where Pastafarians deny the legality of the pirateness, which will tell us a lot more about whether Tom Cable has still got the players' motivated, Tampa Bay need a win to get into the post season and there more than enough reasons to want to stop them doing it.
If the RAIDERS get the win Cable must be in with a shot at the Head Coach position on a permanent basis, to be honest I hope he gets that shot, overall I like the guy, he wants to be the Head Coach of the OAKLAND RAIDERS and views that as something special, and we need some continuity at some point.If the team and our young QB have to start again with another coaching staff, it could set us back again.Obviously Al's frame of mind will be what ultimately decides Cable's fate, but back to back wins to close out the season, with a lockeroom behind the Head Coach can't do any harm.Add to that a new GM with the experience to be given enough control over the footballing operations and we just might be getting somewhere.