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We've had some bloody miserable weekends once again this year RAIDER NATION.So it was a pleasant change on Sunday to see a fourth win, it doesn't excuse some of the other things that have gone on and it doesn't make the bogeyman go away but the OAKLAND RAIDERS played with some swagger whilst resembling a real life NFL team, following a three week hiatus from that distinction since the win over Denver.
We used McFadden effectively, Johnnie Lee Higgins seems set to be a star, our QB looked poised and made some nice throws down the field to a young set of receivers who looked to be revelling in the responsibility, it helped that the offensive line boosted by Mario Henderson's performance at LT gave Russell time and the Defense knocked some people around and made some plays.Both teams had little to play for other than pride, but the RAIDERS did just that, and it begged the question as to whether these players' are simply trying to salvage that pride personally or are still playing hard for Tom Cable.
If, and it is a big if, the RAIDERS can get a win against the fakey brakey pirates in Tampa next week, Cable's record as interim coach will be 4-8.Not brilliant.No not brilliant, and there have been some real pastings taken in those eight losses.But when you look at who the losses were against, there are four 10-5 teams, one 11-4 team, and an 8-7 saints team that is tough in the Superdome.Eight of the teams played under Cable are already going to the playoffs or still have a chance to, and we beat two of them.Once the season was underway, the schedule that was supposed to look a little kinder to this years RAIDERS suddenly didn't, especially on the road in N.O., Baltimore, Miami, Denver, San Diego, and Tampa.What I am trying to get around to saying is that I think that Tom Cable, in fact any incoming Head Coach interim or otherwise had a hard time getting a winning record from those games.
There have been some glaring errors along the way, but I think he has done what he can to keep the team together under difficult circumstances.There is of course that imminent fixture in the land where Pastafarians deny the legality of the pirateness, which will tell us a lot more about whether Tom Cable has still got the players' motivated, Tampa Bay need a win to get into the post season and there more than enough reasons to want to stop them doing it.
If the RAIDERS get the win Cable must be in with a shot at the Head Coach position on a permanent basis, to be honest I hope he gets that shot, overall I like the guy, he wants to be the Head Coach of the OAKLAND RAIDERS and views that as something special, and we need some continuity at some point.If the team and our young QB have to start again with another coaching staff, it could set us back again.Obviously Al's frame of mind will be what ultimately decides Cable's fate, but back to back wins to close out the season, with a lockeroom behind the Head Coach can't do any harm.Add to that a new GM with the experience to be given enough control over the footballing operations and we just might be getting somewhere.


Calico Jack said...

Unfortunately, Cable never established any consistency of performance throughout his tenure. Not one single time have the Raiders played well in consecutive weeks. Not once.

5 of the 8 current lossess were complete blowouts where the game was effectively over by the end of the 1st quarter.

I like Cable but believe he would best serve the interest of the Raiders organization as an OLine coach not Head Coach.

kigleigh said...

I too like Cable as a man.He seems honest,liked by his players and a straight talking hard working guy.Whether that makes him a good coach only time will tell,BUT,i would sooner see what putting a GM in place with REAL authority does to the organisation than embark on another coaching carousel with all the hype,press analysis and BS that goes with that.
Continuity is the key at this stage i believe,which means giving the guy a shot to show us what he's got,but crucially,with a GM of some ability and experience in place and i don't mean the one we have already(hi AD).
Here's to a win against the Fake Pirates today guys,GO RAIDERS !!

Joaquin said...

Ok Calico Jack, what do you say now?
Don't get me wrong, I'm not 100% sure if Cable is HC material, but after yesterday and the way he kept that team together, the guy is a 'rock'
You know as well as I do that this team could have folded weeks ago, and the only thing that kept it together was Cable glue. Playing all the way to the last minute in Week 17 is not something we've seem in a while, heh?
What this team needs is a solid GM that is able to judge talent and serve as a buffer between Cable and Al Davis.
These last 2 victories were nothing short of complete TEAM WINS.
It is going to be a very interesting off-season in Raiders Nation. Imagine that!

Calico Jack said...


I genuinely like Cable as a person and loyal employee. He did a nice job holding the team together. The Raiders finally put together good back to back performances.

However, for the Raiders to make the next jump into a competitive, playoff caliber team we need to
hire a capable GM. The newly hired GM should determine who should be Head Coach. If a new GM deems Cable fit, so be it. The GM needs to have the authority to pick his own HC.

I was pleased and proud of the Raiders efforts the past 2 weeks. But when you take a step back and analyze the team over the season, it is not a pretty picture.

The Raiders did not beat a single playoff team this year (KC, NYJ, Den, Hou, TB). Cable's winning percentage of 33% (4-8) is still a piss poor record however you want to slice it.

Joaquin said...

I agree with you on the need for a competent GM. The NFL is not like the NFL of old and today's GM position is complicated and a full-time job.

While I am not 100% sold on Cable, I also recognize the perils of bringing YET ANOTHER HC. We've had how many in how many years?

Cable is obviously not your choice for HC, then who is?
If looked at what's available out there and I see nothing but either young green-peas (Kiffin) or old tired re-treads (Billick)
Cable is not the 'sexy' pick, but maybe 'sexy' isn't what we need?

Not arguing....just talking.

kigleigh said...

Good point Joaquin,my position exactly.Who can we get who is clearly better than Cable?
Aside from the continuity aspect any coaching change needs to be a real upgrade to be worth it in ANY way.No matter who we hire we lose more in a change at HC than we can realistically gain at this juncture.I personally can't think of a candidate out there who is good enough to warrant setting this ludicrous coaching merry-go-round in motion again it simply has to end.Just my opinion guys.. but wasn't that win sweet at Tampa yesterday.
Here's to the NEW Raiders..!!!

Calico Jack said...


I'm all in favor of stability and continuity. You are both probably right about a limited pool of viable Head Coach candidates. But hear me out ...

The reason the pool of candidates is slim pickings is because we don't have a capable GM in place. No HC worth his salt wants to join the Raiders without a more structured and functional front office.

If we hire a GM immediately following the offseason, the pool of top quality HC candidates should expand. An experienced GM has personal relationships with many coaches and executives. A GM's top responsibility is to recruit, select, and hire a Head Coach.

If it is a choice between Cable and a retread, I too would lean toward Cable. However, we can all agree that a GM is a MAJOR priority.

There are 3 possible scenarios:

(1) Hire a GM first and let the GM pick a new HC.

(2) Rehire Cable to come back as HC and then hire a GM. This would be under the conditins that the GM will allow Cable the entire 2009 season to evaluate him. If at the end of 2009 there isn't significant progress, the GM picks a new HC for 2010.

(3) Rehire Cable or bring on a retread while the GM position remains vacant.

I can live with (1) or (2). (3) won't be sufficient to get the organization over the hump.

Joaquin said...

Option 2 is obviously the most reasonable, but I would like to see it done quickly.
I don't want this search to get protracted and becomes an 'issue' especially in the media.
We all know that the media salivates when there is Raiders turmoil.
1.Does AD want a GM?
2.Does a legitimate GM want to come to Oakland?

Calico Jack said...


In reference to your questions, IMO:

(1) AD wants a GM. He hinted about it at the Kiffin firing press conference.

I believe it has become quite clear to him over the past few years that at his advanced age 79 going on 80), the dual roles of owner/GM is too much for him to handle. He simply doesn't have the time, energy, focus to devote to both roles.

(2) I think the number of legitimate GM candidates who would willingly join the Raiders is VERY limited.

The reality of our situaion is that the candidate would need to have a unique, long standing relationship with Davis to make it work.

The speculation about "local" candidates points towards Scot McCloughan (49er GM) who is the son of longtime Raider scout Kent McCloughan. Scot was mentored by former Raider GM Ron Wolf in his early career years. The other potential front office candidate is Tom Gamble (49er Director of Pro Personnel) who has had past conversations with Davis.

kigleigh said...

I would be happy with scenario 2 which provides the continuity and gives Cable time to prove himself without taking any authority away from whoever is in the GM seat next season.
Here's to the future fellas,and a Happy New Year nation....

Calico Jack said...

Leigh Raider:

Wow! It has been a long time since we last heard from you. Hope you are doing well. Any plans to visit Oakland this season?

Best Regards,

Calico Jack

Calico Jack said...

Leigh Raider - It has been 9 months since your last post ... you still blogging? The Black Flag Network needs to know.

Shoot me an email.

Calico Jack at

Joaquin said...

Has this blog died????