Friday, 13 July 2007


Welcome to a couple of new RAIDERS this week.Isaiah Kacyvenski and Donovin Darius.One thing is clear this year people, the RAIDERS are going to hit, and they are going to hit hard.

Double D has a reputation as a hitter, who can step up and meet a RB, and as a dedicated trainer who should be a positive guy to have around the team, plus the RAIDERS sent Willie Brown and Jack Tatum to meet him at the airport with Jack proclaiming "We don't do this for everyone".Kacyvenski was described somewhere as locker-room gold.A LB by trade, in fact the best LB to ever come out of Harvard, ok so its not exactly Ohio State or anything but he's coming in as a special teams guy who has earned his reputation as a bit of a maniac, with a background of a tough upbringing that was overcome to attend Harvard.I get the feeling that its going to be fun to watch the RAIDERS again this year, especially when DD decides to re-create the "hook" as perfected by messrs. Tatum and Atkinson, hang on to your helmets AFC West.

MSNBC made a bold statement this week, apparentley the Chargers should class anything other than a Superbowl win a disappointment, and anything other than a Superbowl appearance as a failure.No pressure then.Just when you need everything to come together, for all the pieces to fall into place, you hand the reins to Norv Turner, oops.

There was a great piece on The Raiders Report this week concerning the rivalries with everyone we hate, from AFC West to the Whiners and Steelers and Patsies.I would have also liked a special piece on my personal favourite man to hate, the horses head himself, John Elway.I hate his stupid face with too many teeth for one man to own, I hate his knees, I hate his number, I hate the fact that he used to beat us alot, I loved the sight of him disappearing under a bench after a RAIDER had hit him late-ish and sent him out of bounds like a missile - brilliant.I hate his AFL team.I HATE JOHN ELWAY, there, I feel better now.


kigleigh said...

Nice piece M.. Full respect for the level of hate directed at Mr.Ed,i couldnt agree more mate.
by the way,do you remember WHICH raider it was who deposited Desert Orchid under the denver bench? I do...Just showing off,as usual.

The Black anorak.....

kigleigh said...

I've just been doing some research on John 'SeaBiscuit' Elway,and it may sooth your hatred of him somewhat.Obviously the opinion of his face,teeth,knees etc won't change but it seems he wasn't so dominant against the raiders as you might think.In his 16 seasons played,he was sadly very rarely injured and so we can surmise that he started most every game for the Donks.I believe he started as a rookie and in the 1987 strike season we played them in week 4 which was the first non-scab game.SO..During his career the Donks had a 17-15 record against our boys,which is not too bad considering that he went to 5 superbowls in that time,sadly winning 2 and even better,between 1988 and 1994 denver only won 2 of 14 games against the Silver & Black,(Thanks Art)which just goes to prove what we all really know in our hearts,ELWAY WAS OVERRATED !! |Hope this makes you feel better,and GO RAIDERS