Wednesday, 23 May 2007


I like Safety's.If I had been American, fast, athletic, and about 200 lbs, thats what I would have been, either that or one of Starsky and Hutch.Anyway the point being that the reason I like safetys is that they get to roam the defensive backfield looking for someone to hit, hopefully a WR with his arms in the air just nicely placed to get the wind knocked out of his body and into next week.Oh and an interception or two would be nice as well.

My favourite Raider was a Safety, he looked the part and played like a Raider.He was Vann McElroy. Not only did he hit anything that moved, he made interceptions, he adopted the Grizzly Adams look, he started fights with KC players, Oh and his father was a preacher which made the whole McElroy story that much more Raider-like.He was a Raider who took up the mantle of the Atkinsons and the Tatums in the LA years.He looked cool, and he looked like he was born in Silver and Black. As can be seen from the picture above he would probably say things like "Oi Elway come over here while I pull your face off", probably.

God bless the Vann.As his Dad might have said.

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CleveRadrFanMike said...

AWESOME !! Love the BLOG !!! I am so looking forward to my RETURN TO OAKLAND!! I even started MY OWN RAIDER Blog - ( imitation is flattery, right?? )See "CLEVE RAIDER FAN" I am looking at coming out for "da Bears" game.. Anyways, looking back, I would have to say my fave RAIDER of all time would have to be Snake Stabler.. As a young boy of 5, living in Cleveland, I think my first RAIDER experience was an AFC Championship game on the telly.. Not sure what the year was, but I do remember seeing #12 in the black jersey.. I have fond memories of my boyhood years centering around the RAIDERS.. Actually some things have never changed. I am now friggin 38 and still and a freak about the RAIDERS !!! Cant wait to see you guys in OAKLAND ( at Rickys, ofcourse.. ) KEEP THE FAITH BLACK & SILVER !! -