Wednesday, 29 August 2007


The life and times of one Todd Marinovich took a turn for the much worse this week when he was arrested in posession of methamphetamine, hiding in a carport.I remember when the RAIDERS drafted Marinovich, he was touted as a wonderkid, whose father had groomed him for stardom, directing him totally toward life as an NFL quarterback, with little else in the way of a life.At the time it seemed like the RAIDERS were onto a winner, dad Marv had been a RAIDER so it was obvious that we were getting a guy who was destined to wear Silver and Black.Then he got the No.12 jersey and we had a new Snake.
One problem.Todd had developed a commitment to weed and surfing.We all know what happened to his career as a RAIDER, and his present predicament is quite sad .But what is saddest is that the next QB taken in his draft class was Brett Favre.Doh!

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