Friday, 10 August 2007


Just in case JaMarcus Russell isn't sure on the whereabouts of the Oakland Raiders training camp, above is a clue.
You may be a #1 draft pick, and a local celebrity in Mobile Alabama, but in Oaktown at the moment you are a fourth string QB, whose popularity within the Raider Nation is in decline.It was unlikely that you would begin this season as a starter, it is now unlikely that you will throw an NFL pass until next year at the earliest.The last No.1 picked QB Alex Smith signed a contract that guaranteed him $24,000,000, and he started 7 games in his rookie season.
It may be that your agent has filled your head with alot of nonsense, but Calvin Johnson has signed for somewhwere in the region of $26.2 guaranteed, and last year the top picks were all within a million of each other, so the market suggests that you are worth between $26.2 and $27.5 million guaranteed money.Not bad for a guy who wasn't on many radars until that bowl game.
JaMarcus, this is the Oakland Raiders, THE OAKLAND RAIDERS, and if you can't get your head around what an opportunity it is to be paid millions of pounds to be a Raider then you may as well sit at home in Alabama for the rest of the year.Get it sorted Mr Russell, and then get your backside to Napa to hold a Silver and Black clipboard, and a bit of P.R with the fans may be useful, the Nation never forgets.

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