Monday, 13 August 2007


During Saturday nights radio broadcast of the post-game show on KSFO, Greg Papa relayed a message from Al Davis regarding the ongoing negotiations with Billy Bigpockets, sorry, I mean JaMarcus Russell.Al made it clear that the RAIDERS have made a contract offer which is the highest ever made to a #1 pick.Still no response from Russell's side.If he ever gets his arse into work, hopefully he will made to get the lunches, play waterboy during training, and put a nice shine on Al and Amy's office furniture.

On NFL total access this week, Randy Moss gave an interview telling us all about what it's like to be a Patsie.I am well over Moss, but it was the reaction in the studio afterwards that was most interesting.First some thoughts from Mr Teamplayer himself......

"We are going to work hard everyday", "I want to go out and contribute to my team", "I want to do whatever I can to help my team", "The thing about losing is how you handle it".

That last one is a particular beauty, of course Randy handled it very well.

Back to the studio, where Jamie Dukes tells us he would have Moss on his team, because it wasn't his fault that the Raiders offense was so bad, so he had to say something about it as a vet player blah blah blah.Enter Jim Mora, looking at Gnarls Barkley like he'd lost his mind.Mora reminded him that you dont quit on your teamates, you dont give up on routes and games, and that as a senior player you go to work and do your best to make things better.Nice one coach, I always liked Jim Mora.

It was noted this week that Raiderette Cole is no longer on the squad.This is terrble news here at the Pond.Some things just don't seem fair, and its hard to get through the day after suffering a setback of this magnitude.I can't remember such bad news since Lamont Jordan signed a new contract.If anyone in the RAIDERS organisation can rectify this (on both points) it would be greatly appreciated.

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