Saturday, 19 January 2008


Sometimes there are choices put before you that are hard to choose from.You could be given the option of a kick in the nuts or a crowbar around the head.You could be faced with having to listen to Justin Timberlake or whale music, or you could have to select from crimpelene slacks or brown cords (cords every time).Either way you are choosing something that is particularly offensive.

And so we get to the AFC Championship this Sunday.Could it be any worse?Well it could be but it's hard to imagine how, our hated divisional rivals versus the Westworld Patriots.

I do like to watch the Championship games, but then the Colts went and ruined it, at least I had a team to cheer on if they had beat the Chargers.But oh no, lets have the AFC Champs game that we all didn't want.Cheers NFL.Now what?
I don't like Tom Brady, I don't like the Patriots and their World League uniforms, I don't like Big Bad Bill and his cronies.
But I really hate Philip Rivers, what a classless cretin that bloke is.LT is a crybaby and a girl, at least Rivers went back into the game ,LaDainian you great ponse.
So here's the scenario folks, this is how it goes down in the land of the Pond.
The AFC Championship game is horrendously one sided.The Chargers are humiliated by the Westworlders in every aspect of the game, Rivers is pummelled into the ground, and he tries to jaw it with the fans but the oxygen mask interferes with that, game over NE 38 SD 7.
Bye Bye San Diego for another year, and the cheating tarts advance.Great.
At this point the Gods of all that is good and fair descend upon Arizona and curse the very ground that the New England Cheatriots walk upon making sure that the winners of the NFC Championship game become Superbowl Champs and rightly so.I am an AFC guy but come on what can we do?
So at this point I have to nail my SB colours to the mast, and they shall be Green and Yellow.Thats a bad combination, it looks bad and there is no getting away from it.But the Green Bay fans are to me, the closest to the RAIDER NATION out there,as much as I have tied to dis-like Brett Favre and his ever-present wife I can't, sorry.
But how can Roboteam be beaten I hear you ask.I'll tell you how, by us all really concentrating hard and picturing all good things in a green and yellow hue, go on its a good thing.God bless the Brett or for that matter Eli, we as the RAIDER NATION love you all, sort it out chaps, you know it's right.
Lets face it the cheats getting to the SB and losing is a great option, 1 game shy of the perfect sesson, ideal.


Randy said...

My sentiments exactly! I sit confused who to root for. I hate and loath both teams. I don't think San Diego has enough to beat Pathetriots. But then again, they beat the Colts. The only semi enjoyment I will get is if the Chokers win, and then Choke in the SB.

Go cheeseheads
Go Packers


Darrel said...
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Darrel said...

What does a chesehead hat look like in Silver and Black....? Always enjoy your humor LeighRaider. I would like you to consider the Cheatriots as not taking in the whole scope of the name... It should be 'Cheatrirefs'. We all know what a fumble is and the Raider Nation knows it ain't the 'Tuck' Rule, it's the '*uck' Rule. Raider Cool Raider Brother!-Reb Raider

Calico Jack said...

How about this scenario Sir LeighRaider:

The Pats beat SD by a score of 20 to 10 but late in the 4th Q, Brady gets bent like a pretzel by Igor Olglosky and is unable to play in the SB. The Pack stroll to an easy 24 to 14 SB victory over the Pats. No Pats perfect season. No Pats SB. No Chargerless SB. Brett rides off in the sunset and retires a SB Champ.

kigleigh said...

Since last week's divisional playoffs,i am as near as i'll ever be to supporting another team(for 3 weeks).lets consider the four remaining QBs.
Eli'Egghead' Manning...Boring
Philip'Ooh i'm hard'Rivers...A dick
Brett Favre...A blue collar fried chicken eating,indestructible future hall of famer.
I think you know what i mean!
Add to this the fact that ex-RAIDERS Winston Moss and Lionel Washington are on the Green Bay coaching staff,not forgetting a certain CB called Woodson(i'm sure you can all dredge up at least one good memory of the guy)and the only choice is to be cheering for the Packers to win the Superbowl .It's a cause we must all follow,in support of all that is right!!GO PACKERS.........

x said...

Go Giants!

It's our only hope against a year full of Patsy media-love. (as if it's not already bad enough)

kigleigh said...

Ok ! So i'm now the nearest i'll ever be to being a Giants fan,for a fortnight..
Must see if i can curse the Donks or Chefs this easily just by writing that i want them to win a couple of games!!
On the basis of this week I think i might be to blame for all the RAIDERS woes...yikes it's all my fault !!!!!!

Calico Jack said...

Sir Martin,
I hope you are doing well in friendly, old UK. It has been raining cats & dogs in SoCal. When you get a free moment, I would love to hear your take on the soap opera in Alameda.