Thursday, 3 January 2008


One of my favourite commentary moments from this season was when Justin Fargas was described as a man who ran with violence.Body on the line every carry, full commitment.
No surprise that he is the recipient of the 2007 Commitment To Excellence Award.RAIDERS teammates realise the extent of the effort put in by him, as do the RAIDER NATION.Hopefully Fargas is back in 2008 and some of that work ethic rubs off on those around him.
The award is richly deserved, and his performances during this season have represented the type of pride and skill that we want to see back as a regular sight at the McAfee Coliseum.Congratulations to Justin and may the violence continue....

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Calico Jack said...

Justin's penchant for collisions is most evident in his nickname at USC ... "crash test dummy".

I love Fargas warrior spirit and zest for the game of football.

I raise my pint glass high in the air to Fargas for this wonderful recognition. Cheers!