Tuesday, 11 December 2007

It was a strange sensation watching the game on Sunday, it felt like for the first time this year, the team had shrugged its collective shoulders and thought who the hell are we kidding?

We kept it close at the half, thanks to a tremendous Jerry Porter TD grab, and despite some truly bizarre officiating ( Ed Hochuli loves to get on that screen to throw some shapes, looking buff Ed).But the writing was definitely on the wall, the Packers came into the game ranked 30th in the league running the ball, yet the all too predictable RAIDERS run defence on the first drive alone gave up gains of 12,7,19, and 6 yards to Ryan Grant and there were missed tackles in the open field, and the RAIDERS coaching staff missed a foot out of bounds on Blackmon's punt return TD, which I am sure Shane Lechler is absoloutely thrilled about, considering he had never had one returned for a score before, but that sort of summed up the day.

Once Justin Fargas had been taken out of the game after a hit from A.J. Hawk, there was little else to look forward to.McCown was back to his former self, making rash decisions, Jordan was back in, and it was obvious that Russell was not going to be risked at all.It was while watching the return of Andrew Walter, and stupid un-necessary penalties, that my mind wandered.This had become a waste of a game, Huggy Jnr couldn't make his 1000 yards, and we were watching a QB who hadn't touched the ball all year, while listening to the CBS/Favre love-in.It just had a pointless-ness to it, and we were pointless in the second half, literally.

I was already thinking about next week at home, waiting for JaMarcus Russell to enter the game, and I think that some of the players were there too, thinking of a better place.It's hard to be too critical of Sunday's performance, because simply, we played a bad game, a good Packers team played well, and with the injury to Fargas went our only prayer.Hopefully a home game and the possibility of #2 stepping onto the field will get the players back up for next week, they will have to be up, or Manning will do all manner of terrible things to us, just ask Ray Lewis.

Let us hope that Huggy is back for next week, the signs are good, and let us get back to playing some, as sean over at Raidertake put it, grown-up football too.The Colts are better than the Packers, which is a frightening prospect, but I will settle for some pride and another glimpse at the future under centre.


Calico Jack said...

The Colts will be an excellent test for the Raiders. Regardless of the final outcome, I am anxious and excited to see:

(a) how the team responds to the setback vs. GBay

(b) whether or not the team plays with a "nothing to lose" attitude

(c) how #2 fares vs. the #2 defense in the NFL

(d) whether or not Kiffin/Ryan play it safe or roll the dice with the gameplanning.

Should be a great measuring stick for the 2007 team to know just how big of a hill is needed to be climbed to reach the elite status of the Colts.

dax said...

calico nailed it.
This game against the 'other ponies' will also give me an insight as to how the team reacts 'when the chips are gone'
1. Can this team come out and play when there is nothing on the line?
2. Will Kiffin roll-out some new players and give them more PT?
3. Can Ryan put together a reasonable D?
4. Will some of the young guys play balls-out knowing that this is a chance to showcase for 08?
5. Will some of the 'older' guys roll-over and just go through the motions?
I'm no HC, but I will tape this game, replay it many times, and watch for individual performance.

kigleigh said...

Looking forward to seeing how the young guys fare at home (infront of a sellout crowd) against the SB champion(not the media favourite Patriots who we're led to believe only have to show up every week to go unbeaten..the REAL current champions)Colts team who can dominate teams both sides of the ball.Hopefully a showing that instills hope and promise for a bright future.Get Russell in the game please Coach Kiff...if only for a quarter,get him in.He/we won't learn what he is capable of while he's holding a clipboard.