Tuesday, 12 June 2007


As it is, there actually is'nt much news out there in Mikesville this week, or last week for that matter.Unless you count the fact that we noticed this week that the beloved Donks have added a blog section to their official website, one of which is written by their mascot, excellent.The views of a man(?) that spends life (almost certainly all of it) in a cartoon horse suit, banging on about where and when he will be annoying people next, and this on the team website!Denver must be a laugh a minute.And by the way Miles, yes he's called Miles, If I am ever close enough to your ginger quiffed donkey arse, there will be a size 9 right up it until you take off that Double OO shirt, there was only one OO and he wore black.

The only real thing of note going on in Raiderland, apart from Robert Gallery playing musical chairs with the other linemen, was the 2007 Youth Skills Camp held this past weekend at the Raiders facility in Alameda, where local kids had some hands on coaching from Raiders staff and players, so not real news here either, apart from Zach Bingenheimer aged 10 from Hayward had to sit out the final session with a stinger, Stacey Preston aged 8 from Pleasanton has been placed on I.R. due to surprise gum swallowing, and Lamont Jordan is listed as questionable after a particularly vicious hit from Emily Johnson aged 9 from San Leandro dropped him for a five yard loss.Only kidding LJ.
It was a 3 yard loss.

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