Saturday, 12 December 2009


Q: What are people going to see when you hit the field again?
A: A totally different JaMarcus. People going to have their opinion, and I really don't pay too much attention to that. I worry about JaMarcus and JaMarcus only.
Q: How will you be different?
A: "Time will tell. Time will tell. Time will really tell."

I said that I wasn't going to write the name of JaMarcus Russell again this season.This weeks comments by the single most stupid player in the NFL got me mad enough to.
Not only has he tried to belittle everything that Bruce Gradkowski has done since getting the nod to start, he has also suggested that the supporting cast of players are suddenly making plays which they weren't when he was under centre.The players are mysteriously better.
HELLOOOOO, maybe , just maybe numb nuts, the players are reacting to the play of their quarterback, taking confidence from his play and appreciating his leadership.Maybe they give a shit when the leader of the offense gives a shit.
His reaction to being asked if he would re-structure his contract if the RAIDERS wanted to speaks volumes.He is on target to have the worst quarterback rating since Ryan Leaf, RYAN LEAF.Opinion could be that the RAIDERS agreed to the terms of the contract and should honour it.My opinion in this age of NFL rookies getting paid a fortune before taking a single snap at the pro level,is if they don't deliver on a scale of Russell proportions, they shouldn't be surprised if their team would want to base their future earnings on their play on the field and the dedication they have shown to the job.Russell would obviously be in trouble on both points.
If he was serious about being a starting quarterback in the NFL, as he says he is, surely he would do anything to get that job back, including re-structuring a hefty contract to reflect the fact that due to his play he is no longer a starting NFL quarterback.His guaranteed money has already made him a wealthy man, although all the bling, cars and furs will make a dent in that, and a re-structured contract would hardly have him struggling with the bills while proving that football matters enough to him.The guy who has taken his job is earning a fraction of the money that he is, and has shown him what it takes to have some success at the quarterback position, although he would rather put that down to other factors.
After seeing his attitude to even the possibility of earning less money for being the worst quarterback in the league, if it was my team and my money, he wouldn't wear a RAIDERS shirt ever again.Maybe he is stupid enough to think that if he was cut there would be a team out there willing to pay anywhere near what the RAIDERS have for him to turn up overweight.
JaMarcus Russell is not the only self centred, over payed, underachieving modern day athlete ( and I use that word loosely ), but he does play for my team and shows a general apathy which pisses me off.
There are RAIDERS fans out there that still believe that Russell has something to offer in the future, that he can come back after this season and be a good quarterback. I disagree.There have been examples to follow in the league this year, although when asked about Young and Smith his answer suggested that he shows as much interest in what is going on in the game as he does in getting in shape.

Russell is embarrassed at being benched.No more embarrassed as I have been to see him play in a Silver and Black jersey.
There that's it I'm done.


rodney said...

You nailed it , JaDummy has no clue .He said it all when he said "I only care about JaDummy and JaDummy only .He got his money and now feels like he should continue to get max dolllars for being an underachieving lazy dumb pimped out bonehead.All he cares about is showing off his money by wearing his big ass rock earring when he's playing and walking out of the locker room wearing his ugly ass fur coat.Did the Raiders give him an IQ test before the draft ?I think he scored 4 on the wonderlick .He was probely looking for something to eat.Cut him after the season and take the loss , it would be better than having him around the other players .

Leighraider said...

The general consensus amongst RAIDERS fans seems to be along the same lines Rodney.Apparantley Russell scored a 24 on the wonderlic which is the average score for quarterbacks and Gradkowski got a 19.Having said that I wonder about wonderlic scores, Marino, Bradshaw, and McNabb scored 14 or 15 and they have done ok.I think he is posssibly more lazy/ignorant than academically dumb, and he just doesn't seem to care.I have a theory that he knows he can't cut it but he has the money that he was interested in anyway, hence the seeming disintrest in the possibility of being cut as opposed to re-structuring.

Ward said...

Buddy, You hit it right on the head. I really held on to something deep inside that this kid has what it takes to eventually succeed! But quite honestly, having read the last articles on this OverPaidAthlete he does not have a clue. He should be apologizing for the embarrassment he has caused the Raider fans with his pathetic field performance. Bottom line is you can't teach stupid out of some people and this guy is one of them.

Great read.

Michael said...

As a lifelong Raiders fan, it has been crushing to watch this big fat turd behind center. I told my brother after game 3 this year that J.R. does not have what it takes to be an NFL QB. He argued the point that he is still very young. True, but his accuracy is what I questioned. In the NFL, HELL in any football league, the QB better be able to hit a wide open receiver ten yards down the field. Not throw it at his feet or 10 feet over his head constantly. J.R. IS A JOKE!!! Fire his ass and let's let the players with heart and spirit carry this team. I weep when I think what the Raiders record this year could have been with just a decent QB under center.

Calico Jack said...

He just doesn't get it. The only thing he 'gets' is how to cash a paycheck.