Sunday, 27 September 2009


Al Davis is old school.He puts great emphasis on loyalty.Loyalty to the RAIDERS from ex players is something that he expects.Obviously it isn't something he will always get, Warren Sapp is making a new career of having a pop at the whole organisation for instance.I didn't have Rich Gannon down as in the Sapp bracket, he has said some critical things about the RAIDERS since his retirement, but I have always believed that he wanted the team to get better and turn around.
John Herrera's latest outburst, directed at Gannon, just looks bad.He would hardly do something like this unless it came from Al, and regardless of whether Al feels that Gannon has been dis-loyal, trying to ban someone from the team facility,or from broadcasting the game looks silly and petty.Al and the RAIDERS maverick nature, and us against the world mentality is one of the reasons that I'm a RAIDER fan, but sometimes they just get it wrong.Just when the team starts to show a little promise, the owner and his inner sanctum are worrying themselves with things other than football.Rich Gannon is not the enemy.His work ethic and professionalism whilst a RAIDER was part of the success story that the team enjoyed under John Gruden, Al himself has said so.And Herrera's cheap shot remarks about the five interceptions and worst Superbowl performance in history etc do nothing for the RAIDERS image whatsoever.We all know what went on around that game and to put the blame at the feet of Gannon is just uncalled for.
Maybe Herrera is a loose cannon, his confrontation with Tim Kawakami last season was comical but showed that he has little self control, but this whole thing with Gannon is a case of him delivering the party line, and it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.Maybe everyone in the RAIDER organisation should just get back to making sure that there is little room for anyone to criticise them, especially former players.Lets keep the hatred for the donkeys this week shall we?


Calico Jack said...

Well said ... this was a very petty and unnecessary distraction. The emphasis and focus should always be on improving the team and finding a way to win more football games.

Danna said...

I'm confused at why this organization is hell bent on alienating the greatest fans in the world. Gannon, in his latest comments about Russell, was just breaking down what HE, as a former MVP QB, saw as JR's problems. EVERYONE can see it anyway. I actually read it as a very thoughtful analysis. It stung, sure, but we have to look at the reality that Russell really isn't going to progress. And having Herrera get all bent about Gannon when there are WAY bigger problems was just embarrassing. Bad loss today, by the way really bad...on both sides of the ball.

Steve said...

Gannon was a raider and desrves respect and i thought every comment he made was fair and dead right. He should be in our organisation not feared by it.

Al and his henchmen are clearly idiots and show it by behaviour such as this!

And whilst they whine our team? ... OMG!!

And yes one more week by the big bust only.