Saturday, 2 August 2008


There are various reasons for RAIDERS fans to be happy.

We have parity with every other team in the league at this point.

We have Jamarcus Russell and Darren McFadden to unleash on the NFL.

We have a secondary that is up there with the best on offer.

We wear Silver and Black.

We don't wear orange.

Tom Cable is a master of his craft.

We have the Black Hole and the RAIDERNATION.

But more importantly Cole is back for a seventh season as a Raiderette.



kigleigh said...

Haaalleeelujiaaa !!!
There is a god ....
It can only be a good sign that this has happened.

Darrel said...

I heard the NFL had a minimum on frabric that had to use on NFL cheerleaders. I heard the Raiderettes got around it by adding sleeves to the halter tops and were able to get shorter hot pants and smaller halter tops due to this. God Bless 'Em and the Raider Nation, Al Davis is the Raiders and his Raider attitude prevails throughout the organization. Raider Cool! Enjoyed the article and picture.....

kigleigh said...

Nice to hear that even the cheerleading squad is doing a little bending/adapting of the rules..
Top to bottom,RAIDERS do it by their own rules,i love it,and i love those hotpants..!!!