Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Lamont Jordan uttered the words of the great voice of our times Englebert Humperdinck this week, and the news caused ripples of joy here at the Pond.

The RAIDERS should let him go.He obviously will not play a role in the remainder of the season based on his dramatic fall from grace over the last few weeks, and although he has kept his mouth shut this year, that could change as the frustration rises and we need the distraction of a disgruntled former starter like a hole in the head.

Jordan is set to make a base salary of $4.7 million next year, and I would rather see that money be invested elsewhere, in Nnamdi Asomugah's back pocket for instance.There is also the shadow of Micheal Bush looming, today is the day that the RAIDERS must either activate him or sit him until next year.I would rather have Bush suited for the rest of the season, even if he only touches the ball a few times, than have Jordan skulking the sidelines, the experience of just a handful of NFL carries would surely be a boost for Bush looking forward to next year, and who knows he may show flashes of the player he was before the injury which would be a boost for the team, coaches, and NATION.

Jordan has had one good season as a RAIDER but I could never warm to him as a player.I don't doubt that away from the football field he is a nice guy, but as a player he has never given enough for me on a consistent basis, which of course can be said of quite a few RAIDERS recently, but here we have one of them that wants to go and who is clearly expendable.

I say lets cut our losses with Jordan now, and give the Bush you can like a chance.Jordan may be tempted to dip back into the Humperdinck repertoire asking, Am I That Easy To Forget...............................


kigleigh said...

Unfortunately mate,like a convict on Alcatraz, we won't be seeing Bush for quite some time!! which is a mistake IMO

oktobeme said...

Let Lane figure out who is the dead wood on our team and we will see. Go Raiders!!

Leighraider said...

Kig, hopefully the wait will be worth it, and nice piece of prison/bush imagery by the way!

oktobeme, I trust in Lane Kiffin, and I'm sure he knows who the dead wood is, I just wanted to see Bush get in a uniform, and Jordan wants to go.Personally I wouldn't have cared had he been picked up by KC/Denver either, I would have liked to see Morrison knock him on his derriere.