Saturday, 20 October 2007


OK.I stuck up for you last week amidst (that's a word right?) growing unease amongst (that too?) the Nation, this is the week that was, that is.Another hated divisional rival, but this time in our stadium, a sold-out seething angry Coliseum, waiting for that divisional win that is long overdue.
Last week chap's, I had your back, this week you have to have ours.The Raider faithful were down last week, and despite the level of the reaction to the Chargers game, and how I was preaching the need for the Nation to show some restraint, the ball is in your court now.This is the ideal scenario for a young team to come of age, to draw a line in the sand and say, ok we hear what many of the Raider Nation were saying last week and we will show some heart and passion.
A performance, and lets face it, more importantly, a win against the twister dodgers this weekend could put momentum back into a season, where Raider fans are tired of losing , and losing in the division to inferior ball clubs especially.The hurt of yet another loss to the fairies in powder blue would somewhat be forgotten with a firm slapping of the Queefs.
Please Kiff go back to the faith in the running game, and set up the pass from there, please Defense rise up and commit to stopping the run, and please Raider brethren everywhere lets get back to being behind the new regime at 1220.And please all of you that will be in the home of the Silver and Black this weekend, throw some shit at that cock-end Jared Allen.
I am still fully convinced by the new broom at Raider HQ, but will need some help from the team this weekend to sway those who aren't.

And remember if all else fails, there is a bald English man that will descend on the East Bay in two weeks who guarantees that A) No-one will understand a word he says and B) That the Raiders will win the first two games he ever sees in Oakland.(Texans/Bears)
Hallelujah to that, and Micheal if that happens you are coming to California every year, we can get a grant or something.Here's to 3 - 3 and a sunnier outlook to next week.GO RAIDERS....AND MICHEAL.


Rambling Psychoses said...


Let them hear my rage from Arkansas!!!!!!!

I don't know that I can make it to Mecca this year, but they shall feel my pain!

Keep up the good blogwork, bro.

---Arkansan Raider

Leighraider said...

Cheers for stopping by Arkansan, good to hear from you.