Monday, 17 September 2007



There are shitty ways to lose a game and then there was last night at the stable, sorry Invesco field.Sebastian Janikowski had made up for last weeks crap by nailing a 52 yd winner, the RAIDER players were running around the field, I was running around my living room, Kiffin's headset was off and the beaten men in orange CFL uniforms were finally put in their place and everything was right with the world, well for 20 seconds or so.
I have seen many time-outs called to ice kickers before, but I can honestly say I have never seen the officials hold up their arms to signal a good FG, after a play has been fully run by both teams, to then be told sorry it doesn't count.I saw the footage of some Bronco calling the T.O. but it didn't show exactly when it had been made.Old wonky eye reckons he got it called 2 seconds before the snap, and if that's the case then that's savvy coaching from an experienced NFL head coach I suppose, its definitely another reason to add to the list of reasons to hate Mike Shanahan, but I'm still convinced that A) If Seabass' first attempt had missed the time-out wouldn't have been charged to give us another shot and B) If the T.O. call was 2 seconds before the snap surely the play wouldn't have got that far ?All that said if Seabass had hit the second one we would have the victory we deserved.

There are stats that stand out after the game :

Lamont Jordan : 25 carries 159 yds 6.4 ypc.
Josh McCown : 8/16 73 yds 1 TD 3 Int.

This says to me that we should be happy with what Tom Cable is doing with that OL this year.We should be happy with Lamont Jordans effort so far this season, and I have never been a fan but fair play to the guy.And it is getting hard not to wonder what Daunte Culpepper would offer with that extra arm strength and experience, not to dismiss McCowns obvious determination.It's just that with the erratic first halves from weeks one and two from McCown coupled with horrible looking stats starting to mount, its easy to speculate how things might have been when we have been in both games late on regardless of this.

At least we are now looking like an NFL team as opposed to last years debacle, but it would be nice just to win one again, especially having tasted the feeling momentarily last night. And lets hope that the Cleveland Browns' greatest show on turf is a one week wonder, please let it be a one week wonder.

Final thoughts on last nights T.O. Job then.
Kirk Morrison is God.
Thomas Howard is as well, hey we are all Polytheistic around these here parts.
I hate Mike Shanahan.
Lane Kiffin still needs to wear Black.
Shannon Sharpes face is as big as a wok, nothing to do with last night but true.
On-side kicks make people look really bad when you throw one in there with 5:28 left in the third quarter.
There is a win coming, don't know when or where, but its coming.

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Calico Jack said...

Love your wicked sense of humor LeighRaider. You are especially right about Kiffin needing to change his game day wardrobe to an all black outfit.

Onward & Upwards vs. the Brownies.
Calico Jack